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Trying something new!

Hi Everyone! I have been told that it is customary for someone starting an online business to also have a blog about their adventures as an entrepreneur. As I write this I am still unsure whether this blog will be solely jewelry related or if it will include all of my adventures as a mother of rambunctious children. I guess I will see how it goes and leave it open ended for now.

I had NO idea how much went into starting a business! As soon as I think I have covered everything, some other huge project comes up. Right now it feels like I am spending all of my time on the business side and not as much as I would like on actually creating jewelry. Oh well. I am so thankful for everyone who has helped and offered advice, whether it pertained to the website, business or the look and feel of the website.

I still have so much to learn, and, hopefully, you will join me in the ups and downs.


1 thought on “Trying something new!

  1. It is amazing to see your business progress. You have always been the most creative and innovative person, and I know nothing will hold you back!

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