Designs by Beckalodious is owned and operated by Rebecca Frederick, a Southern California native. She works out of her home studio to produce one of a kind works of art.

Though she was surrounded by art and artists from a very young age and developed a passion for art herself, Rebecca only discovered her love of metal-working much more recently. She fell in love with manipulating metal and showcasing beautiful stones. Each piece is inspired by natural forms, and many times from the stones themselves, incorporating smooth curves, dimpled textures, and curling spirals. Each piece features some combination of hand fabricated stone settings, wire-wrapping, and hammer forged shapes. Hand crafted predominantly from sterling silver and copper, her jewelry is delicate and feminine, reminiscent of fairy tales, but also comfortable to wear, due to an emphasis on finishing and durability. In a time when jewelry is seen as disposable, she strives to create wearable art that the owner will treasure.

Rebecca has always loved pretty things, in particular, natural stones and beauty in nature. As a child she had an every growing collection of rocks, leaves and other bits of the natural world. Now, instead of boxes and egg cartons full of stones and minerals, she has moved on to beads and cabochons. Though she never would have guessed that this would be her calling, jewelry making and metal fabrication brings a joy and satisfaction with each project she undertakes.

Designs by Beckalodious was founded in 2011.

For those that are curious: “Beckalodious” may seem like a strange choice, but having spent her childhood being called “Becka Lo,” it seemed a good fit. 🙂 The nickname Beckalodious came out of that and other nicknames given by friends. Fun to say, and spelled like it sounds, beckalodious is here to stay!

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